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Do I have to be Hispanic or speak Spanish to be a member or attend events?

No. The Hispanic Chamber promotes inclusion and diversity, and welcomes all professionals and community members regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity.

What is the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and why do we need it?

The Hispanic Chamber is a social enterprise driving positive socio-economic impact in the Bay Area for over 30 years. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was created to unite the community, merchants, and California legislators in producing positive growth across the 101 cities of the Bay Area. The Hispanic Chamber organizes initiatives enabling the organization to effectively advocate on behalf of the community at the social, economic, and political levels. The mission of the Hispanic Chamber is to develop, enhance and promote valuable business opportunities for the community while providing a special emphasis on improving education, cultural awareness and access to resources for all.

What can the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce do for me and my business?

Whether your goals are focused on driving positive impact in the community, grow your business, or expand your outreach in civic leadership, the Hispanic Chamber provides a powerful platform to help you effectively reach large audiences. The Hispanic Chamber’s core strengths being digital communications, provide you many effective ways to reach our audience through multiple online channels on a moment’s notice. In addition, our Creative Event Services can deliver a variety of innovative solutions to efficiently and cost-effectively address your outreach needs. The Hispanic Chamber also offers a broad range of innovative event program, and we can provide custom solutions for your needs.

How many members do you have?

There are over 3,000 active members. Membership totals fluctuate as businesses and the community evolve. As we prepare for the next wave of growth, we’re excited to launch our new programs that are expected to increase this number exponentially.

What are the membership fees and how do I join?

The Core membership is $297 annually, and comes with support for many online and offline services. We also offer Promotional Campaign Add-ons at $597 and $1,297 respectively, which give you access to our Professional Services and Digital Marketing Services to promote your business to our audience of 20K+ professionals across the East Bay metro area.

Can I still promote my business with the Core membership without a Promotional On-on?

Yes. The Core membership is a powerful, stand-alone membership program that gives you many avenues to promote your business, including access to our Professional Services on an a la carte basis. As a Core member you can consider applying for the Ambassador Program, which enhances your benefits.

What do you offer besides networking and promoting businesses?

The Hispanic Chamber offers robust programs for companies of all sizes, civic leadership, philanthropists, and community volunteers. Please contact the Chamber to request a discovery meeting, so we can discuss your vision, needs and goals.

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