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The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a Social Enterprise uniting the community, merchants, and California legislators across the 9 counties of the San Francisco Bay Area in driving socioeconomic growth and social equity.

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber is to develop, enhance and promote valuable business opportunities for its members while providing a special emphasis on promoting education, cultural awareness and access to resources for the Community across the 9 counties and 101 cities of the San Francisco Bay Area totaling a 7 million population.

With the support of the community and our corporate members, the Hispanic Chamber has become an award-winning organization and platform for small businesses’ voice, opinions, and concerns to be heard by elected officials in Sacramento and Washington D.C. Partner with us to grow your business while driving positive social impact in the community.

Supporting Community, Commerce, and Government in
Creating Positive Impact in the San Francisco Bay Area

Join the Hispanic Chamber!

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce business and community programs are made possible by supporters like you. Join us and become part of the positive social change in the Bay Area.

Connect with a Diverse Community of Bay Area Professionals

No, you don’t need to speak Spanish to attend events. No, you don’t need to be Hispanic to join the Chamber. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a longstanding commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity throughout the community, whether it be for the community events we host, businesses we support, or civic leaders we partner with.

Venezuela Fundraiser Standing in solidarity with the citizens of Venezuela during the humanitarian crisis. The community donated a shipping container full of medical supplies.
Annual Shoreline Cruise Connecting with community leaders at the annual Shoreline Tour. This event brings together members of the community, local businesses, and civic leadership.
Power Hour Business Breakfast The Power Hour Business Breakfast is a networking event hosted throughout the Bay Area, bringing together members of the community, business, and civic leadership.
Annual CASA Gala Supporting families in need at the Annual CASA Gala with members and the leadership team.
Supporting Community Groups The Bay Area is a vibrant quilt of community organizations that make up the fabric of our local Latino culture.
Multi-chamber Mixpo An annual collaboration with local chambers of commerce to bring together local businesses for an afternoon of fun, food, and networking.

We Support Businesses Across the 9 Bay Area Counties

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce can help you reach diverse audiences across multiple communications channels within the San Francisco Bay Area. In partnership with your organization, we’re able to tailor communications campaigns and programs that resonate with the community at the grassroots, business, or government affairs levels.

Growing Equity in Communities

Healthy and prosperous communities are the foundation upon which we build a thriving economy in the Bay Area.

Supporting Small Business Growth

Equitable small business growth is our path to sustained economic prosperity across the diverse 101-city Bay Area region.

Building Civic Leadership Partnerships

Partnerships with civic leaders drive positive synergy between Bay Area businesses and the communities they serve.

We Reach a DMA of 7 Million People in 101 Bay Area Cities

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas in the world, segmented across diverse geopolitical boundaries and demographic audiences. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has community outreach solutions to give your campaign the communications impact it needs through grassroots or omni-channel programs.

We Reach Diverse Audiences Across the San Francisco Bay Area

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce audience spans a Designated Market Area (DMA) comprised of 101 cities across 9 counties. Combined, these regions make up the San Francisco Bay Area geography as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, representing a population of 7 million people among which 25% are Hispanic or Latino according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

County Population / Latino Population
Alameda 1,510,271 / 339,889 (22.5%)
Contra Costa 1,049,025 / 255,560 (24.4%)
Marin 252,409 / 39,069 (15.15%)
Napa 136,484 / 44,010 (32.2%)
San Francisco 805,235 / 121,774 (15.1%)
San Mateo 718,451 /  182,502 (25.4%)
Santa Clara 1,781,642 / 479,210 (26.9%)
Solano 413,344 / 99,356 (24.0%)
Sonoma 483,878 / 120,430 (24.9%)

Contra Costa County Contra Costa County is home to a population of 1,049,025 residents of which 255,560 (24.4%) are Hispanic or Latino.
Alameda County Alameda County is home to a population of 1,510,271 residents of which 339,889 (22.5%) are Hispanic or Latino.
Solano County Solano County is home to a population of 413,344 residents of which 99,356 (24.0%) are Hispanic or Latino.
Napa County Napa County is home to a population of 136,484 residents of which 44,010 (32.2%) are Hispanic or Latino.
Sonoma County Sonoma County is home to a population of 483,878 residents of which 120,430 (24.9%) are Hispanic or Latino.
Marin County Marin County is home to a population of 252,409 residents of which 39,069 (15.15%) are Hispanic or Latino.
San Francisco County San Francisco County is home to a population of 805,235 residents of which 121,774 (15.1%) are Hispanic or Latino.
San Mateo County San Mateo County is home to a population of 718,451 residents of which 182,502 (25.4%) are Hispanic or Latino.
Santa Clara County Santa Clara County is home to a population of 1,781,642 residents of which 479,210 (26.9%) are Hispanic or Latino.

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