The Hispanic Chamber Leadership
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Meet the Leadership Board

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Leadership Board is a passionate group of professionals from various industries sharing the goal of driving socioeconomic prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team brings a diversity of skills, experiences, and ideas to the Hispanic Chamber, wherein we build social equity programs while also growing our respective businesses, thought leadership and network of influence. We welcome you to learn more about how you too can join our team and make an impact in the community.


A native to Northern California and the high tech market, Evodio Walle is an accomplished corporate strategist and marketer with over 20 years of business leadership experience in guiding marketing programs, and enabling companies of all sizes to drive notable growth in the technology, business services, retail, and consumer goods sectors. Mr. Walle’s passion is the application of his experience in building a world-class social enterprise lead by community and business leaders seeking to drive socio-economic growth in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Evodio ``Vo`` Walle

San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Javier Cortez

Brick Road Real Estate, Inc.

A longstanding member of the community, Mr. Cortez is a real estate broker/owner in the Bay Area specializing in residential and commercial properties, and has a passion for home buyer education.


Marcella Silva

Land Banking Consultant,
Velur Enterprises, Inc.

Overseeing programs in economics and development, Ms. Silva can literally turn dirt into gold through her specialty in land banking and investments.


Daniel Clayton

Liquid Capital Silicon Valley

Small businesses seeking access to capital for capital or operational expenses turn to Mr. Clayton for creative business financing solutions. Mr. Clayton has a passion for helping small businesses.


Richard A. Zamudio

Assistant Vice President,
Branch Manager,
U.S. Bank

Mr. Zamudio is an expert in financial services and bank operations, and has a strong passion for helping small businesses and individual with their financial growth objectives.


Vicky Contreras

Productora Ejecutiva,
Ella FILMS Productions

Ms. Contreras is film and television broadcast media specialist, having authored several books on personal development, and has a passion for women empowerment.


Demetrio Ramirez

MariCare420 / GummiCares LLC

Mr. Ramirez is a pioneer in the cannabis industry, having operated Contra Costa County’s first recognized cannabis collective, and remains active in cannabis advocacy.


Christina Garcia

Garcia Security

Ms. Garcia is an expert in physical asset protection, holding over 20 licenses and certifications in private security. She owns and operates a private security company and security guard training academy.


Joe Iovenitti

Iovenitti Asset Protection Consultants

Mr. Iovenitti is a specialist in helping businesses streamline operations and optimize cashflow, providing creative finance solutions that enable small business growth.


Marisol Rubio

Community Activist,
Healthcare Provider & Educator

Ms. Rubio is a passionate community leader and activist who has dedicated her career to serving as a health care professional and advocating for positive social change.


Gil Murillo


Mr. Murillo is a seasoned professional in process engineering and implementation for large enterprises, and is now managing his own startup in the education funding space.


Ovidilio David Vásquez


Mr. Vásquez is an author, speaker, and business strategy consultant in the Bay Area, and provides leadership training to Hispanic Chamber Young Professionals.


Oscar Robles

Financial Advisor,
Retirement Accredited Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Mr. Robles is a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor specializing in wealth management and retirement planning, and supports Financial Literacy and business education programs.

Meet the Advisory Team

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Advisory Team is comprised of professionals in the Bay Area who volunteer to provide direction and counsel across various matters across the Chamber’s operations, enabling the Chamber to execute on its mission and charter more effectively. The advisory team meets with the Leadership Board on a quarterly basis to receive updates on the Chamber’s programs, and provides feedback to the Chamber Leadership.


Enrique Ruiz

Broker Associate,
RE/MAX Accord

Mr. Ortiz is a Real Estate broker in the Bay Area and has been a staunch supporter of the Hispanic Chamber for years, having also served on the board of directors in prior years.


Solomon Belette

Strategic & Capacity Development Consultant

Mr. Belette is an expert in non-profit development and philanthropic organization management, directing programs at JFK University Sanford Institute of Philanthropy,