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Grow Your Business and Engage Community Across 9 Counties and 101 Cities!

Download the San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Membership Guide to learn about our programs and how to get involved. Complete the form to the right.

Effectively Engage Audiences Across the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has the most comprehensive community engagement programs that allow you the opportunity to get involved and engage the community in ways that best meet the needs of your organization and personal interests. Download the Membership Guide for complete details.

Among the program classes offered:

    • Community based programs designed for building community and bringing members of the businesses together as family
    • Business programs on an entirely different level aimed at building solid relationships and promoting business to our broad audience
    • Government relations initiatives that provide civic leadership, political candidates, and organizations an opportunity to amplify their voice

Build Valuable and Meaningful Connections Now

The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce promotes diversity and inclusion, hence you don’t need to be Hispanic, Latino, nor Spanish speaking to get involved. Our reputation precedes us for hosting among the most diverse, welcoming event programs available. In fact, it’s quite common for members to say, “It feels like family at this Chamber”, and we’re Bay Area-wide, so imagine the possibility.

Reasons we think everyone feels at home here:

    • We’re radical about making everyone feel welcomed
    • We give everyone an opportunity to get noticed and heard
    • Our community is diversely connected across cultures and industries

Grow and Prosper with Others Who Care About You

The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a great place to connect with one of the Bay Area’s most industrious and immerging demographic groups now representing 25% of the local population, and where Hispanics go to connect with broader audiences. Regardless of your cultural heritage, there’s something you have in common with the Hispanic Chamber: the need to be connected, grow your business, and learn.

The Hispanic Chamber helps business:

    • Connect with the local business community in a meaningful way
    • Grow business, build brand equity and expand referral networks
    • Tap opportunities to get involved, give back to the community, and help others prosper

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