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About Textmunication

Founded in 2009, Textmunication, Inc. is a leading mobile marketing solutions provider in the United States, Canada and the UK offering solutions that improve mobile engagement, retention and loyalty. Based in the East Bay in California, they serve the greater Silicon Valley region. In 2018, CIOReview magazine recognized Textmunication as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solutions Providers”.

Who is Textmunication for?

Text messaging works for any business because all businesses text. What kid of business do you have? Contact us to learn about SMS texting use cases in your industry.

Health and Fitness

Health clubs, gyms, fitness centers and fitness boutiques


Quick service, fine dining, bistro or cafe

Retail Stores

Discount stores, department stores, malls, speciality merchandise or supermarkets

Real Estate 

Buyer agents, seller agents, dual agents, transactional coordinators, franchises or independent realtors


Comedy clubs, breweries, bars or clubs and event promotions


Beauty salons, beauty parlors, beauty or barber shops


Certified public accountants, auditors, financial or managerial accountants


Foundations, charities, and individual change agents


Hotel, resorts, Airbnb, lodging, hospitality service or homestay