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The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offers a supportive learning environment for traders at all levels, and an excellent opportunity to learn from others as teach what you know. Please contact the Hispanic Chamber for an assessment of where you are in your learning process and to learn more.

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Member Discount on Spanish Translation Services

SFBAYHCC offers native Spanish-speaker translation services from accredited educational institutions. Contact us to learn how your business can reach new audiences with our Spanish translation services.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce works with translation partners at educational institutions in Mexico to provide a variety of Spanish translation services performed by native Spanish speakers. Please contact the Hispanic Chamber for questions about your translation project, or submit a Quote Request below.

Example Live Trading Sessions: $18,000 in Less Than 2 Hours

DAY 1: $7K in 45 min. Trying to chew gum and walk at the same time. 😅 Watch me trade S&P 500 Futures while trying to explain what I’m doing and avoiding getting killed by institutional trading. 😂

DAY 2: $2K in 20min. A quick morning S&P futures trading session before I run to a meeting. Spent most of the time getting a feel for where price action is trying to move, got a quick trade in, but ran out of time to hang on for more.

DAY 3: $3K in 5 minutes. 😂 Another S&P Futures trading session. Sorry about the bad audio! Juggling today, so came in late, but spotted a good move right away. Like the ocean, there’s one good wave after another! These sessions are my contributions to a new trading club starting within the Hispanic Chamber.

DAY 4: $6K in 45 min. Jumped in very unprepared and took some heat today on the S&P Futures. It’s important to teach what we know because we learn so much in retrospect after watching one’s mistakes on video.

WEEKLY RECAP: Weekly recap: $18K in less than 2 hours of trading this week. Happy Good Friday! The S&P Futures market is closed today, but I’m dropping some fat nuggets here to recap the week then dive deeper into what’s going on behind the scenes. Hang out with us at our trader’s community meetups to learn more and share what you know with others.

Certified Spanish Translation Services with Guaranteed Acceptance

We provide Certified Translations by native Spanish speakers for diverse needs and applications. We offer guaranteed acceptance by agencies for our Certified Translations.

Support and Resistance

Gann, Jenkins, and other geometry based price action analysis.

Supply and Demand

Wyckoff Theory for institutional market maker supply and demand cycles.

Real-time Order Flow

Time, price, and volume analysis combined with live order book data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please contact the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or submit a Quote Request with details about your project.

Do I need to be a member to use this service?

No, you do not need to be a member to order translations services, however, we encourage you to be a member, as this is how we are able to keep our translation service prices so low, plus you get an additional member discount for supporting this initiative.

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish to use these translation services?

No, you do not need to be a Spanish speaker to use our translation services. Anyone can submit a translation order and be guaranteed that native Spanish speakers at an accredited educational institution will check the translation for accuracy, style, and prose.

Why are the translation services so cheap? Does that reflect on quality?

We are able to offer the most cost effective solution for translation services because our work is referred to universities in Mexico where the cost of living is lower, and can support the higher education studies of university students. The quality is generally of the highest standard and is verified by university professors before delivery.