Hispanic Chamber Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors 2022 Election Coverage

Meet Hispanic Chamber Leadership Board Member and Government Relations Director, Marisol Rubio

Marisol Rubio is a locally elected official and activist whose life’s work has been dedicated to social equity and government reform. She brings an invaluable contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce through her experience in community audience engagement at the grassroots level, and her community-minded focus she brings to the legislative arena.

To contact the Hispanic Chamber Government Relations committee, please contact us by email at info@sfbayhcc.com. Attn: Evodio “Vo” Walle, President/CEO and Marisol Rubio, Director, Government Relations

Interviews with the CCC Supervisor District 4 Candidates

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offers equal interview opportunities to candidates on a first-come, first-served basis and whether they are featured in Chamber communications is subject to the participation in the interview by the candidates.

A Summary, Work-in-Progress Overview and Analysis of the Supervisory Candidates’ Legislative Campaign Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA (January 13, 2022) – The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Committee regularly conducts political candidate interviews, polls, and campaign analysis for public offices held throughout the Bay Area. We will update the information on this page as we learn more about the candidates.

The CCC Board of Supervisors District 4 Candidates 2022

The District 4 Map

The District 4 Electorate by Ethnicity (Voting Age)

CCC Board of Supervisors Candidates’ Online Marketing Campaign Metrics: Obringer and Allen Driving Most Impact Online

We reviewed various publicly available online metrics to gauge the size and effectiveness of each candidate’s online communication strategy with the goal of understanding which candidate is driving the most effective digital marketing campaign, and thus most likely to establish a dominant Share of Voice in the elections race. As of this snapshot in time, we’ve learned that the main digital communication’s race is mainly being held between Carlyn Obringer and Debora Allen, with Edi Birsan and Roxanne Garza trailing far behind. As a whole, we found the online marketing campaign strategies across all candidates to be severely lacking a strong foundation, though we hope this audit will help the candidates understand their starting baseline and give them ample time and opportunity to mobilize the necessary efforts to reach their awareness and consideration goals.

Debora Allen Drives the Most Audience Engagement per Month via Organic Search Based on Average Monthly Search Volume on Google Organic Search

We looked at the total number of times the candidates were searched for online, and learned that Debora Allen and Roxanne Garza are the only two driving any significant audience interest in terms of total times per month that their names are searched for. To filter the search analysis to search terms that were specific enough, we had to use a search query modifier for Debora Allen to include only search results related to her name and BART. It is possible that she may garner traffic from other search topic sources, however, due to the popularity of the name ‘Debora Allen’ in general, we had to tease out only those that were specific to her current elected position. The name ‘Debora Allen’ has over 23 million search results in Google (U.S.), so we took extra measures to provide more accurate results. Search query modifiers also had to be used for Roxanne Garza (another popular name) to filter results down to the two community organizations she worked with most recently. Even with filters applied to these two candidates, their performance in Organic Search Results is significantly higher than that of Carlin Obringer who came in third, and Edi Birsan ranking in last place in terms of times people search for their names per month.

Carlyn Obringer’s Campaign Website Gets 27X More Site Visits per Month from Organic Keywords Than Nearest Competitor, Debora Allen. Edi Birsan and Roxanne Garza’s Campaign Websites Get Zero Traffic from Keyword Searches

Carlyn Obringer gets most of her campaign Website search traffic (site visits) from people searching directly for her name, as opposed to authored content. The same is true for Debora Allen. Edi Birsan and Roxanne Garza did not garner any traffic to their Websites from Organic Search keyword queries on Google.

Carlyn Obringer Leads Candidates in Number of Keywords Driving Traffic to the Candidates’ Websites, Though all Candidates Lack Audience Engagement and Web Traffic from Organic Keyword Searches

While Carlyn Obringer drives the most keyword traffic to her campaign Website from Google Organic Search, all candidates are lacking traction with their online content.

Edi Birsan Has the Most Campaign Website Content Indexed in Google, but None of It Has a High Enough Quality Score to Drive Keyword Traffic from Organic Search Results

Qualitatively, Edi Birsan’s campaign Website content does not garner Organic Search traffic from Google Search queries due to low Quality Scores resulting from ‘thin’ content (pages with hardly anything on them) and low relevance to Google searches.

Edi Birsan is the Most Prolific in Terms of General Online Content Quantity Available to the Public via Google Search, Except His Content is Generally Lowest in Demand. Roxanne Garza Gets More with Less Compared to Other Candidates

Measuring candidates’ online profiles by the number of assets they have indexed in the search engines is only as good as the number of times people are searching for their content and the rank of the content in the Organic Search Results listings. Edi Birsan leads the pack in terms of getting his content picked up in Google Search, however, the public demand for his content pales by comparison to the other candidates, likely due to the recency of the content and the relevance to his public office. Gauging by the Monthly Search Demand, Roxanne Garza, was able to garner much more visibility in Google Search Results with far fewer assets, than Obringer and Birsan were able to attain combined.

Debora Allen Gets the Most Attention and Audience Reach from Mass Media as Measured by Total Search Results Appearing in Google News Search

Comparing the total number of ‘official’ news references appearing for each candidate from Google’s approved news sources, Debora Allen’s BART role has garnered the most mass media awareness value in terms of breadth and depth of audience reach. Results appearing in Google News are essentially amplified reach through Google’s content network, which extends the total possible audience touch points to more online properties beyond that which Google Organic Search alone reaches. Debora Allen receives over six times the news coverage than of that of her two closest news coverage competitors, Obringer and Birsan.

Carlyn Obringer Gets the Bulk of Her Local News Media Coverage from East Bay Times Who Has Previously Supported Her Campaign Efforts

These metrics specifically report the total number of published assets indexed in Google Organic Search where the East Bay Times is the publisher source. It is noted here that East Bay Times has openly ‘recommended‘ Carlyn Obringer during a past political race, suggesting there should be a reasonable margin allowance for news media bias towards the candidates, and thus the matter is left to audience discernment, interpretation, and further research. Case in point, while Debora Allen is also an East Bay publicly elected official and gets over six times more news coverage than Obringer in general, Allen’s East Bay Times coverage is disproportionately less than Obringer’s.

Edi Birsan Leads in Total Video Assets Indexed in Google Video Search, but Ranks Qualitatively Lower in Recency and Relevancy Compared to Competitor Videos

In reviewing the total number of video assets published by the candidates, we also looked at how recently the videos were published, and how closely related they were to the candidate’s careers. While Edi Birsan had more video assets published and indexed in Google Video Search in quantity, Birsan’s highest ranking content was mostly older content or of personal affinity nature; e.g. a game board hobby. Carlyn Obringer demonstrates to be the most actively engaged in the community at large, with more recent, newer video content showing her in the capacity of a public official engaged in the community. While Debora Allen’s Video Search results were fewer than Carlyn Obringer’s, Allen’s content mostly showed her deeply engaged in public policy matters.

Carlyn Obringer is the Most Engaged on Facebook with a Public Figure Profile Page and Frequent Recent Posts Showing Her Engaged in the Community

While Carlyn Obringer and Debora Allen use Public Profile Pages, Edi Birsan and Roxanna Garza use Personal Profile Pages to manage Social Media engagement. Although Deborah Allen ranks second among candidates in number of Followers, she was the only candidate who didn’t post a single time in 2021, and remains generally disengaged on Social Media in 2022. Edi Birsan seems to have an even blend of personal and professional content posts on her Personal Profile Page giving the appearance of someone with a balanced work-life persona. Obringer uses both a Personal and Public Figure Page, and also maintains a balanced work-life appearance on both Pages. Roxanne Garza generally keeps a low-profile on Social Media, with a sparse blend of personal and professional posts spread far and few between.

About the Data and Research Methodology

All research was collected and reported by Evodio Walle, corporate strategist and President/CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The CCC Board of Supervisors candidate online profile audit was performed using publicly available data found on Google and Facebook, and is presented here without express or implied warranty as to its accuracy as it was aggregated from 3rd party sources outside of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The statistics represent a snapshot in time as of January 13, 2022, and are subject to change as either the authors, publishers, or online platforms make changes to the content or how they display said content. The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce makes no guarantees as to the correctness of the data beyond the publish date of this research, and encourages the pubic to conduct their own research to get a more recent data sample as necessary. For questions about the statistics presented here, please contact: Evodio Walle at vo@sfbayhcc.com

Following the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Campaign Trail

From time to time we attend a variety of candidate events where we show up in support of the candidates and the community to learn about the candidates’ political platforms and help raise awareness and audience engagement with the candidates. As we move headlong into the 2022 Primary Elections, we hope to share more campaign trail coverage on this page. ,

Carlyn Obringer’s Campaign Kickoff Event at Side Gate Brewery in Concord

The Hispanic Chamber was invited to attend Carlyn Obringer’s campaign kickoff event at Side Gate Brewery in Concord on Sunday, January 9th, so we showed up to see what we could learn and capture to share with the community. The outdoor event was well attended with a quaint, friendly, almost familial atmosphere comprised mostly of local Concordians. Several elected officials attended in support, and provided public comment. These are the highlights. See the full photo album.

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